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Stop Typhoons in Tokyo Petition

If you’ve seen our documentary “Typhoon Roke Hits Shibuya, Tokyo 21/9/2011” and are tired of the disruption and damage caused by the typhoons you can now do something to help.

Please sign the petition below, and once we reach 50,000 signatures, it will be handed over to the Mayor of Tokyo with a demand for more action to finally put an end to these terrible forces of nature which can cause such inconvenience to the peaceful citizens of Tokyo.

Don’t forget to also leave a comment in the Message box and we’ll publish it below with the others unless it contains rude words.



Stop Typhoons in Tokyo

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I don’t know what everyone has against typhoons. We should treat all business people equally.
I know what it’s like to be pointed out because of my typing impediment and I’m just phed up.

Phred from Phukuoka


Dear God. Please don’t let any typhoons mess with Japan. Thank you for listening.

John Cahill from Australia


And earthquakes too while you’re at it.

Steve Lloyd from Japan


Dear Mr Mayor of Tokyo,
If you need a bit of help with stopping typhoons, Facebook me.
God the Father.

Aidan Cant from England


Typhoons are too windy and should be abolished.

Dave Harrington


Stop typhoons now like.

Allan Jones from Newcastle, England


I don’t want any more typhoons in Tokyo…or Gunma.

Naomi Ingram from Japan


You know!

Hector Misina from La-la Land


Down with this sort of thing.

Peebun Pensa from The Land of Custard


You do realize that typhoons are a primary source of beneficial annual rainfall, right? Just like here in the southern USA where I live, hurricanes (typhoons) are also a big source of annual precipitation. Even if they weren’t, nature doesn’t care about you, the Earth doesn’t care about you, and the universe doesn’t care about you. You aren’t special. The mayor can’t do anything, and the reason that no one is signing this is because they realize that you’re all a bunch of morons who fail to understand how science actually works. If you wanna do something to prevent typhoons, focus on infrastructure and the civilian aspect of things, which can mitigate loss of life and damage. So yeah, this petition is bad and you should feel bad. No need to mince words; you’re stupid, and so are the 11 people who signed this garbage.

Kori Winstead from the United States

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