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The President has a Relapse

After managing to resist having his photo taken next to a Japanese mascot for 7 years the president has gone into relapse.

“It was just a normal day and I was on my way to meet someone when I suddenly came across it in a promotion event.” I tried to put it out of my mind as usual but it looked so cute and the urge was just too much so I asked the promotion girl to take the photo. After she took it I realised what I had done but it was too late and I just got down on my knees and cried and the girl took a photo of that.”

To prevent withdrawal symptoms, my psychiatrist has put me on a 3-month course of “My Favourite Rides” to be taken once a day. He also told me to go back to the Mascots Anonymous meetings.

You can see each week’s seven rides updated every week at the top of the homepage then added to My Favourite Rides Album.

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