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Bag of Bones Website Redesigned!

As reported on Channel 4 News and BBC News, our website has finally been redesigned after festering online for years without ever being updated.

There’s even some new content. Most of it is actually the same old rubbish transferred over from the old site but there are some new additions like this new news article. Let’s hope we don’t stop there and actually update the site occasionally – but I wouldn’t count on it!

President and founder Allan Appleby released a press statement earlier this morning saying that he had been a lazy bastard but has been working hard for the fans in the past few weeks and the new site is now up and running.

Bag of Bones Productions have been causing controversy since they first appeared on the Internet 6 years ago. Besides their ridiculous movies, photos and comics they are known to fake newspaper and tv news stories for cheap publicity purposes like the one with the old bloke in the TV shop and these below.

A typical Bag of Bones fake newspaper report


A typical Bag of Bones fake photo of a fake family watching a fake BBC News report


A typical Bag of Bones fake photo of a fake girl watching a fake BBC News report


  • Aids
    April 2, 2021

    The fans will love it I tell ya. Love it!

  • Kim Jong Il
    April 3, 2021

    Where is he?

  • Hair
    April 15, 2021


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