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Kim Jong-un Loves Bag of Bones

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has secretly been a Bag of Bones fan for many years we can disclose. He was apparently thrilled to hear that the website was redesigned and ordered his military to point his surveillance dishes away from the skies above North Korea where they track U.S. spy planes. They were repositioned to the skies above the BBC Television Centre in London where he hoped to pick up any TV news broadcasts about the new site.

We managed to obtain the above photo which was smuggled out of the hermit state showing the Great Leader’s joy while watching the confirmation of the site’s redesign on BBC News.

He immediately cancelled that day’s appointments and relative’s executions to spend the day in front of his computer to catch up on all the latest Bag of Bones movies and news including this report about him.

This was the main news item on Korean Central Television News that night which can be seen below with English subtitles.

I only hope that after he reads the part about relative’s executions he doesn’t get angry and send people over here to execute me.

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