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UFO Abduction – A True Story

This is the title of a documentary I found on VHS tape at The First World UFO Congress in Tucson, Arizona in 1991 and is now on our YouTube Clorpse Channel. It concerns Bill Herrmann from Charleston, South Carolina, USA and his UFO sightings and abduction by 4 1/2 feet tall creatures who said they were from Zeta Reticuli and had been observing Earth for 50 years.

After the first of 4 separate sighting near his home from 1977 to 1982, he was taken aboard the 70 feet diameter craft, examined and given a tour. He also managed to take photographs of 4 different types of craft which he observed performing triangular maneuvers around the local Charleston Air Force Base (see photo above). The base captain demanded he hand over the photos. Herrmann refused but did give them one photo but was later told he had photographed an F4 Phantom aircraft and should forget about it.

Later, a man claiming to be a UFOlogist contacted Herrmann and asked to be taken to the locations where the UFO photos were taken and to undergo a polygraph test. At a secluded hotel room he was injected with relaxant and asked questions about his sightings. He later found out that the man was an imposter.

Herrmann also suffered harassment by a mysterious group of government operatives whose purpose appeared to be to frustrate both himself and the documentary’s UFO investigators Wendelle Stevens and Junichi Yayoi.

The video had poor sound quality from the original tape but English captions have been added so it’s now very watchable.


Herrmann’s best photos of the UFOs, diagrams of the craft and illustrations of the aliens can be seen below. They are from Wendelle Stevens’s 2 books on this case:

UFO Contact from Reticulum & UFO Contact from Reticulum Update.


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