Bag of Bones Productions Intro

Shot near Mount Fuji, Japan.

Crop Circles 2003 Preview

Our first movie. Check the preview or watch the full movie just below.

Crop Circles 2003 An Odyssey For Truth

Join one man on an odyssey to Wiltshire, England in search of the answer to one of the world's most mysterious mysteries. Watch the preview above.

If you really want to know "The Truth" about Crop Circles go to: Crop Circle Wisdom

The Appleby Ancestry

The Appleby Ancestry produced some great people - until 1956!
(日本語字幕付き - with Japanese subtitles).

The Appleby Ancestry Outtakes

The ancestors and scenes that didn't make the grade.
(日本語字幕付き - with Japanese subtitles).

Meet The Bag of Bones Staff

A sneak peek behind the scenes at the hardworking people of Bag of Bones Productions who make it all possible.
Full screen and maximum volume recommended!


Saigon backwards, except for 1 man!
(日本語字幕付き - with Japanese subtitles).

Typhoon Roke Hits Shibuya, Tokyo 21/9/2011

Shibuya's happy shoppers run for their lives as another typhoon batters Tokyo. If you'd like to see an end to this destruction, please sign the STOP TYPHOONS IN TOKYO PETITION.

Amazing Daylight UFOs Over Pub in Newcastle, UK

Shot outside The Lochside Inn, Cochrane Park on August 3rd, 2011 at about 8pm.

Koh Samui New Year 2004

Do fireworks and alcohol mix well? Of course they don't - it's bloody dangerous! But at New Year on the Thai islands like Ko Samui it's great fun! But watch out! Nobody follows The Fireworks Code!
To be played at MAXIMUM volume!

Thai Top Tips #4

If you're off to Thailand you're almost guaranteed to have a good time, but you'll have an even better time if you can amuse the quick-witted Thais instead of them always entertaining you. Don't be just another dumb, boring farang in their eyes. Follow these Thai Top Tips and you'll be the talk of Thailand for generations.

Thai Top Tips #10

Another Thai Top Tip to help you become the talk of Thailand for generations.

In Front of the Computer

In Front of the Computer Again!

The Ski Trip 09 - Hakuba, Japan

It's the Tokyo Likely Lads annual trip to Hakuba, Nagano Prefecture, Japan where anything could happen - even managing to make it to the slopes! There's also a comic of the trip.